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While Learning Mathematics, the worst thing that you can do for a child who struggles with addition is to work on addition!

If your student is struggling with math instruction, addition -- or any math concept-- look deeper for the solution to the problem.
Every math subject requires understanding of at least two other concepts plus place value.

For math to make sense Group 3 Concepts + Place Value (PV). This is the well-respected number sense approach to math. The key is meaningful practice that makes concepts crystal clear. 

Addition doesn't make sense unless students:
     Have Solid Counting Skills (addition is a fast way of counting)
     Understand Number Magnitude or Size (adding two smaller numbers creates a bigger number of a specific size)
     Place Value for multi-digit addition
     Addition practice that is meaningful and taught three ways - conceptually, numerically and with words 

Multiplication doesn't make sense unless students:
     Have Solid Addition Skills (multiplication is a fast way of adding)
     Are Fluent Skip Counters (the reason why multiplying by 2, 5 and 10 is so easy)
     Understand the role of place value in multiplication deeply
     Practice multiplication problems that covers all ten multiplication concepts

The Math Makes Sense! approach

is supported by the most effective approach to teaching, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Curriculum Focal Points. Most students receive math education that is defined as "a mile wide and an inch deep." Math that makes sense goes into each subject in greater depth with deeper meaning.

Number sense gives meaning to math. Deep number sense is the reason why all people who love math enjoy it. They have an insightful understanding of the value of numbers. If you lack number sense then math is often a confusing set of memorized facts and vague procedures.

Math Makes Sense!

* no frustration -- frustration shuts down the brain's motivational system.
* no anxiety -- anxiety turns off the brain's memory system.
* meaningful, varied practice -- practice that makes sense and is never boring.
* visual, numeric and conceptual math instruction combined -- kids learn math best in different ways.

Addition Makes Sense

Learning Mathematics - addition
  • counting - addition is a fast way of counting.
  • number magnitude - understanding that 10 is bigger than 2 and 10 plus 2 gives you an even bigger number is essential addition concept.
  • place value instruction makes understanding trading and multi-digit addition a snap. 
  • meaningful addition practice makes mastering addition (including multi-digit addition) fun and easy.

Order Addition Makes Sense! $19.80   130 pages Math Instruction - Buy Now

For classroom PDF digital copy annual license $129, call 1.800.801.1954.

Subtraction Makes Sense

Math Instruction - subtraction
  • counting down - subtraction is a fast way of counting down.
  • addition - addition must be mastered first. 
  • place value instruction makes understanding trading and multi-digit subtaction a snap.
  • meaningful subtraction practice makes mastering subtraction (including multi-digit subtraction) fun and easy. 

Order Subtraction Makes Sense! $19.80   103 pages

For classroom PDF digital copy annual license $129, call 1.800.801.1954.

Multiplication Makes Sense

Math Instruction - Multiplication
  • place value instruction makes understanding multi-digit multiplication a snap. 
  • skip counting sense is why learning to multiply by 2's, 5's and 10's is so easy. 
  • meaningful multiplication practice makes mastering multiplication (including multi-digit multiplication) fun and easy.

Order Multiplication Makes Sense! $19.80   115 pages

For classroom PDF digital copy annual license $129, call 1.800.801.1954.

Division Makes Sense

Learning Mathematics - Division
  • serial subtraction of equal sized groups is the essence of subtraction.
  • multiplication because it is the reverse of division. 
  • place value instruction makes understanding multi-digit division a snap. 
  • combined with meaningful division practice makes mastering division (including multi-digit numbers) fun and easy.

Order Division Makes Sense! $19.80   92 pages

For classroom PDF digital copy annual license $129, call 1.800.801.1954.

Fractions Make Sense

Learning Mathematics - Fractions
  • geometric fractions
  • division 
  • number fraction instruction 
  • meaningful practice makes mastering fractions fun and easy. 

Order Fractions Makes Sense! $19.80   119 pages

For classroom PDF digital copy annual license $129, call 1.800.801.1954.

Pre-Algebra Makes Sense

Math Instruction - Pre Algebra

Pre-Algebra Makes Sense!

  • parts of wholes (fractions, decimals and percentages)
  • division instruction 
  • number patterns and relationships
  • combined with meaningful basic algebra practice makes mastering the fundamentals of algebra fun and easy. 

Order Pre-Algebra Makes Sense! $19.80   177 pages

For classroom PDF digital copy annual license $129, call 1.800.801.1954.

Learning Mathematics - Baltimore Graph

Baltimore City Schools placed 300 of their most at-risk math students on Math Makes Sense

  • In 4 months the students had made almost a year’s progress.
  • Their teachers reported that the students became eager for math lessons and asked to do word problems! 
  • Two teachers decided not to retire, for the first time teaching math was fun.

The Math Makes Sense! solution: a balanced approach to math-memory and meaning for maximized problem solving ability.


"Consistent with new ideas about learning mathematics...number sense and concepts, skills and strategy use must grow and develop in a coordinated manner for successful representation and problem solving to occur"

Dr. Curtis L. Pyke, The George Washington University

"Number Sense:
          is the foundation from which all other mathematical concepts and ideas arise
          is good intuition about numbers and their relationships
          not only leads to automatic use of math information, but also is a key ingrediant in the ability to solve basic arithmetic computations."
       Dr. Russell Gersten, Eugene Research Institute and Dr. David Chard, University of Texas, Austin

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