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Reading Comprehension Games by Sound Reading

Ensure that your child or student is reading well!

Hop, Skip and Jump Reading Game

HSJ Game

Combined with our reading software this innovative Reading Comprehension Game offers your student or child a fun, easy and effective way to learn to read well.

The game covers all the skills that guarantee reading success:

  • Phonemic awareness - the key to early reading

  • Clear code instruction - the first scientific improvement on phonics

  • Word building -- using sound and spelling patterns

  • Decoding using our unique print-to-speech method

Combined with our innovative reading software the Hop, Skip and Jump™ Reading Comprehension Game is the perfect literacy boost for your early reader short on motivation, attention and memory. Within a short time, your student or child will be teaching themselves to read! Perfect for small group instruction, responsiveness-to-instruction programs and independent learning.

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The Reading Challenge Game

The Reading Challenge Game gives you an easy-to-play game that improves decoding, fluency and auditory reasoning skills.

The game has four activities:

  • Say It Block Challenge - Successfully builds critical speech-to-print processes in older students, including phonemic awareness and auditory processing activities. Using blocks, students identify the sequential changes in similar sounding words.

  • Change It Letter Challenge - Connects spoken words with written words. Similar to the Say It Block Challenge, except that the blocks are replaced by letters.

  • Read It Fluency Challenge - Builds word reading fluency. Students are given thirty seconds to read the six words on a word list as many times as possible.

  • Spell It Challenge - Students spell the six words on the word list and identify the common spelling pattern.

Research-based instruction doesn't mean that you have to use boring scripted programs that consume hours of student time. The Reading Challenge Game offers your students a fun, easy and effective way of developing decoding, spelling, fluency skills, phonemic awareness and auditory/phonological processing skills in an age-appropriate manner. In comparison to other reading comprehension games, Reading Challenge is the perfect literacy boost for students short on motivation, attention and memory. The game format allows you to integrate sophisticated educational concepts to into your curriculum in way that is as easy to teach as it is to play.

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