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Sound Reading May Help Dyslexia

Sound Reading Software solves the issue of how to help reading problems for those with Reading Dyslexia.

Dyslexic reading doesn't have to prevent your child from reading well... Dyslexics universally suffer from weak phonemic awareness and auditory skills. This is why they struggle with phonics.

Dyslexia responds quickly to reading therapy that targets the minor neurological glitches that separate natural readers from those that struggle. The reason many children pick up phonics and decoding quickly is that they clearly hear all the sounds in consonant blends, the difference between a long and short vowel sounds, and discriminate between the subtle sound differences in the short vowel sounds.

Sound Reading uses the most advanced and effective methods to build solid reading skills in dyslexics.

In as little as 6 weeks your child will be reading well. Over 90% of students with dyslexia read accurately, fluently and with solid comprehension after Sound Reading.

Sound Reading uses groundbreaking research that treats dyslexia as problems processing spoken words. Reading, like all language abilities, is an auditory experience. Reading is about 2% visual - letters and written words - and almost totally about speech sounds and spoken words. Natural readers have strong auditory skills and exceptional phonemic awareness, the ability to hear all the discrete sounds in spoken words.

Our Dyslexia Software uses the Clear Code Method™ which makes learning phonics and word reading fast and easy. The Sound Reading Software develops auditory skills, phonemic awareness and makes strong connections between printed and spoken words. Your child, teen or adult will master word reading in weeks using the Clear Code Method™. The software is so easy to use that your child, teen or adult will literally teach themselves to read.

Even the best reading program will leave dyslexic students short if equal emphasis isn't given to fluency instruction. The research is clear; students who read accurately but slowly rarely read deeply or for pleasure. They rarely escape special education. So each level of the Sound Reading Software is supplemented by our groundbreaking Small Steps Reading Therapy. Students practice decoding skills and Fast Fluency. Your student will learn to read simple and multisyllable words, sentences and stories with ease. Fluency is the key to motivation and comprehension.

Dyslexia CAN Affect

Dyslexia CAN Affect
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