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Reading Fluency: A Unique Approach to Reading

Over 96% of students learn to read well and enjoy reading after an average of 15 hours on the Sound Reading System.

Changing the Way the Brain Reads.

The Sound Reading Self-tutoring System goes to the heart of reading difficulties by activating the three areas of the brain that function so well in natural readers:
  • Accuracy Areas - Natural readers hardly ever mispronounce words. Accuracy depends on a very well tuned sense of speech to interpret written words as spoken words. By focusing on auditory skills, phonemic awareness and reading fluency, Sound Reading will quickly have your child reading with astounding degrees of accuracy, even if he or she has struggled with phoneme processing or phonics in the past.
  • Automatic Areas - Accurate reading that is labored rarely results in motivated and meaningful reading. Natural readers read automatically, as if someone is inside their head reading to them. Sound Reading’s Flash Fluency practice is the most effective reading fluency instruction available by teaching naming and oral recall.
  • Sense-making Areas - The brain lacks a “reading comprehension” area so it relies on the half of the brain devoted to listening comprehension. Sound Reading utilizes activities that tightly link reading and listening comprehension, resulting in outstanding gains in understanding.
All of Sound Reading’s programs teach students the basic skills necessary for reading. It targets auditory skills, phonemic awareness, and reading fluency to effectively teach students how to read.

Our Software Programs

Hop, Skip & Jump

Hop, Skip & Jump™ is not a series of games but a scientifically designed method that makes learning to read easier. There are over 20 skills that students need to read effectively and Sound Reading teaches them all.


Boost™ has over 25 activities that cover all aspects of learning to read well from memory and attention to word identification.


Remedy™ has more than 20 different activities from multisyllable word instruction to Read-Sound Out-Read exercises that teach older students how to read.

Special Education

Our readers, software, games and activity books are as effective with special education students as they are with the general student population. The program was designed with special education students in mind and as a result the activities are engaging, fun, and easy to use.

Small Steps Reading Therapy™

Learning to read can be overwhelming for students. This is why Sound Reading created Small Steps Reading Therapy™. Each level of the reading process is broken down into small steps or minilevels. Students practice single and multi-syllable word reading and fluency combined with Small Steps sentence and story reading.

How it Works Video

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