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Curing Dyslexia, Dyslexia Software

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The Painless Path to Curing Dyslexia

Remember when Dyslexia was a frightening word? We now know that curing dyslexia is quite simple...if students are given the proper reading therapy. The answer isn’t years of phonics drills but dyslexia software that targets the full range of auditory (listening) and phonemic (speech sound) processing skills that allow the best readers to naturally translate printed words into meaningful spoken words.

There are many myths about reading dyslexia that recent science has upended. Dyslexia isn’t about reversing letters nor is it a visual problem. These secondary issues arise from the confusion caused by the brain’s inability to naturally sense the spoken word embedded in a written word.

In English, the hardest alphabetic language to learn via on phonics, letters and spellings are not reliable sources for translating printed words into spoken words. English has the greatest mismatch between speech sounds (44) and spellings (over 200).

Reading, like all language abilities, is an auditory experience. Reading is about 2% visual - letters and written words - and almost totally about spoken words. All the great research breakthroughs on curing dyslexia of the last decade have concluded. The defining factor in all children who learn to read early and never look back is that they have strong auditory skills and exceptional phonemic awareness, the ability to hear all the discrete sounds in spoken words.

Reading is about speech sounds and spoken words. You activate the same auditory areas of the brain listening to a cell phone conversation as you do when you do when you read. That’s why late at night many people struggle to read the CNN news ticker and listen to the news at the same time.

And why do dyslexic reading students take years to learn phonics? They have weakened auditory skills and phonemic awareness so they have trouble hearing the all the sounds in consonant blends, the difference between a long and a short e, and to discriminate between the subtle sound differences in the short vowel sounds. This is why curing dyslexia using phonics, which puts letters before sounds and written words before spoken words, is so ineffective. Advanced dyslexia software tweaks the listening centers of the brain so that they function just like the brain of a natural reader.

Effective dyslexia software, like Sound Reading Solution’s innovative software, builds a broad range of auditory skills, from phonemic awareness to sound discrimination and sequencing. Dyslexia software cures reading problems by capturing the brain’s natural ability to learn to speak to learn to read. Even young children know a lot about spoken words. The best readers naturally apply this knowledge to written words.

The real key to curing dyslexia is not just reading words accurately, decoding, but doing it automatically. Look at the different levels of effort between a child sounding out a word phonetically and one who reads fluently. This is the second key to ending dyslexia. Skills must not just be learned and mastered but overlearned to the point of automaticity. No effort is expended trying to read words so a child can fully focus on enjoying and understanding written words.

If you would like to see how Sound Reading quickly and easily ends the scourge of reading difficulties, including our self-tutoring kits, visit www.SoundReading.com.

Three Products Proven to Help Cure Dyslexia

Hop Skip & Jump™ for Ages 4-6, Boost for Ages 6-8 or Remedy for Ages 9 to adult.
Boost Boost Boost

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