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Online practice reading test for first grade students through adult.

Sound Reading’s free, online practice reading test is the only on-line reading assessment that combines silent reading comprehension and reading fluency in one test. The assessment is highly accurate and takes just three minutes. Talk about authentic reading assessment! It is so easy to use that thousands of parents have accessed it. Sound Reading also provides a free report. Take your free online reading assessment by clicking here.

The Sound Reading Comprehension Test is appropriate as a reading practice test for first grade students through adults.

Practice tests for determining grade level reading should be prescriptive, pointing the way to better reading. One of the easiest ways to strengthen reading is to provide a few hours of phonemic awareness practice. Early research showed that phonemic awareness was important for kindergarten and first grade students. Recent research, including the research Sound Reading is based on, shows that it critical for older students. The reason is simple; as words get more complex students require greater phonemic awareness to make sense of them.

You can combine skill reading practice with our test for first grade students and adults with a few effective comprehension strategies. There are many strategies that are useful, but only a few that stick. The first is “Stop and Think.” The teacher places post-its at critical places in a story. When a student comes to a post-it he stops and thinks. Then he employs the second strategy, he “Turns and Talks” to his reading partner and they have a minute talk about the passage. The Sound Reading Small Steps Readers have these strategies built into each Small Steps story.

Don’t just blindly practice reading; tests should guide your instruction. All students that score poorly on comprehension tests should be tested for phonemic awareness. Phonemic awareness is a major cause of weak reading comprehension. The reason is simple: if you read words inaccurately then sentences don’t make sense. As words get more complex there is a greater need for deep phonemic awareness. There is a reason students struggle with print for years. These issues include auditory discrimination, sequencing, memory and attention issues. Sound Reading software builds the auditory skills that make learning to read effortless.

After giving a practice tests for determining grade level reading think about new ways to development of comprehension. A simple, yet powerful strategy uses post-its, a favorite of most students. This method uses the natural language strategy of “Does it Sound Right?” This is better than asking, “Does it make sense?” Every time a student encounters a word or phrase that causes her to pause she places a small post-it strip on it. When the chapter is completed the student goes back and reads each paragraph that contains a post-it. If the passage now makes sense the post-it is removed. If the student is still confused then the post-it remains until a peer or a teacher helps.

A reading diagnostic practice test for second grade should include a reading fluency test. One of the most important research findings is that fluency is the key to meaningful reading and motivation. Even slightly labored reading can limit comprehension. Researchers have found that most “lazy” readers actually have reading fluency difficulties. The Sound Reading Small Steps Readers develop fluency on with simple and complex words, as well as with sentences and stories.

The Sound Reading Assessment is a practice tests for determining grade level reading. If the test shows that your students need more help please consider the Sound Reading Games, Readers and Software. They are designed by teachers to be ready to use with minimal training. Please visit Soundreading.com for more helpful solutions.

We all want to use best practices in reading instruction to help our students grow. To determine which methods to use think about:
A. How appropriate are the methods for your students?
B. How much time will it take to implement the methods?
C. How will I track student progress?

Take Sound Reading’s On-line Reading Assessment now by clicking HERE

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