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Phonemic Awareness...

because phonics isn't enough!

Did you know that the English language is the least phonics friendly language with 44 different phonemes, or unique sounds, and over 1200 different spellings? Italian or Spanish, on the other hand, have only 25 or 28 different phonemes and 29 or 32 different spellings.

It is amazing that anyone can tell the difference between all of those sounds, let alone struggling readers or beginners for that matter! Many students struggle on phonics for years while others pick it up almost instantly. This is because some students have stronger auditory skills like auditory discrimination (fluency) and phonemic awareness. The reading pyramid on the right shows a student must first learn auditory processing, phonemic awareness and fluency before they can learn phonics efficiently.

Students need to be able to hear all the sounds in a word before they are able to distinguish between them. Researchers agree that phonemic awareness is the most important factor in learning how to read. Without these skills, students will be unable to catch up to their peers in reading ability or get a strong start.

Phonics programs assume students have already learned phonemic awareness and fluency and teaches them to read with this assumption. In reality, early readers and older struggling readers need to learn the opposite way - starting with what they already know, the spoken words and sounds, and working backwards to letters and printed word.

Students need to learn the patterns of sounds before they can learn all the rules and patterns that written words follow. Teaching a child to read from speech-to-print is much easier and more effective than print-to-speech instruction.

Sound Reading Solutions is the only reading software that triggers three areas of the brain that guarantees reading success, first addressing phonemic awareness and fluency before the student works on phonics.

Phonics Video

Reading Pyramid


Auditory Processing, phonemic awareness and fluency are essential to learning phonics. Sound Reading's innovative approach to teaching reading does exactly that, as illustrated in the reading pyramid above.

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